Random Topic OT Day (submitted): What kind of Woman does it take?

Dear Mahogany The Mayhem,

So if I’ve seen it I’m sure you have, you know those posts on Instagram and Twitter where a woman is hugging the Hulk in his monster form, yet his face is at peace. Below the picture a quote reads “it takes a special type of woman”. So exactly what type of woman does it take? Peep this, I am a loyal woman and I treat every man that I have ever dated like the King he should become in my future. So I am confused as to what exactly “my type of woman is”. Because I am pretty sure I am a good woman.

Sincerely, Am I not capable of calming down the Hulk?

Response (Mahogany): Well I believe that it is never what we are “not capable of doing” certain things. The silver lining that we seem to keep missing or forget about is that we can do ANYTHING we want to! ANYTHING! That’s how everyone successful that we see in today’s society, in one way or another, arrive at their destination of success. One day they woke up and realized I can do whatever it is I set my mind to. This is my passion and this is who and what I love, and I am gonna work as hard as I can to have this. And do you know why? Because nobody in the world is going to do anything for you or love you back if you are not willing to put in the effort. Remember nobody owes you anything and as cliche as it sounds, EXPECTING always ends at a disappointment. Lastly, time is everything. It is the only thing we cannot get back in return. So don’t rush and trust that what is meant to be WILL happen don’t become stagnant. Who knows gyal maybe it’s not you, it’s the fact that he wasn’t “the one” in the first place but you better believe if he is he’ll be back!

Hope this helps Queen!

Sincerely, it is not capability (that you are) it is timing, patience and self love. Peace, love and BE FAB!

Mahogany The Mayhem


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