On Privilege.

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Caustic Synergy

I wish the world was fair. 

I wish that from the second I was conceived I wasn’t predisposed to be more or less successful, have a greater or fewer number of opportunities, be more or less likely to be happy. 

What if I wasn’t a white, middle-class English boy? What if I was born somewhere else? What if my parents were in prison, or my dad left before I was born? 

What if the first thing I though about every day wasn’t, ‘what can I possibly do today to achieve my goals in life’, but ‘what can I possibly do today to stay alive’. 

From the moment I was conceived, I had a privilege that millions, nay, billions of people in the world don’t have. Everyday I am grateful. Everyday I want to make the best of what I have been afforded in life. I didn’t ask for it, but…

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