NEW FEATURE ALERT!!: via The Kooz (@chill_Kooz_gone)

In a dynamic originally spoken word piece, The Kooz strategically and metaphorically addresses her frustration towards women who simply refuse to love and respect themselves. Some times, there are women who do not even realize that they do not love themselves. They are so satisfied while simultaneously being dissatisfied with themselves they treat their own body’s as a business transaction and call it a hustle and/or a career.


The Kooz is a very good friend and sista of mines. She inspires plus sized women all over the DMV-Baltimore-NY-NJ area to stop the excuses and GET HEALTHY. She opened up her journey to our demographic allowing us to understand it is possible to be curvy and still healthy. The Kooz is also a dynamic speaker and mission manifest-er, quite the influence and a spark plug, truly a New York native. CLICK HERE to check out The Kooz spoken word entitled “Bad Bitch” Be sure to check out her weight loss journey and blog for tips, pics, and so much more @!!