The Misunderstood.

One of the most painful feelings, whether one is able to admit it or not, is the feeling of being misunderstood. You could be at the height and/or climax of your emotions and everything could come crashing down at the thought of you being misunderstood. We long for acceptance in areas where we have not yet accepted ourselves in. 

Simultaneously, one must consider, am I listening to my full potential? Am I accepting and respecting all viewpoints, opinions and feelings surrounding me?

It is unfortunate that I must be hard on my audience at this very moment. You are a selfish being, you’re participating in an ongoing process. You are not quite where you would like to be in your thinking and accepting process, or you may almost be there. The bright side is YOU can change that RIGHT now. YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS. 

This is one of many times I will reference something called “The Secret” of life. Here’s another secret, it is NOT easy, I am honestly releasing and crying as I type, and that is ENTIRELY OK. I am currently in a room full of people crying, they are my friends an women I talk to EVERYDAY and even they do not notice my pain, they only see it as a form of weakness or sensitivity. They love me and they care about me, however what the group is lacking as a whole is the exact same thing I am, acceptance.

I take it upon myself to put myself in extremely vulnerable and emotional situations daily, and it has not quite been noticed yet. i possess a lot of information, particularly “The Secret” to life  that I have not yet shared with my friends nor my colleagues. Stay up to date with the Mayhem for everyday, real life situations that women go through and CAN get through every day.

Peace and MUCH love, 

Mahogany the Mayhem. ❤