about Mahogany Mayhem.

Mahogany Mayhem is a vision of excellent empowerment, envisioned in 2013. A dream that is based on a  platform turned LLC  in 2014 and will morph into a full blown non-profit organization by 2016. Mahogany mayhem is a tool to uplift – an anti-belittling and aspiring brand for women and girls of different hues.

Allow me to introduce that status quo of women today — the demographic is a fairly simple picture to paint. Far too often women, especially minorities, underestimate their hardships; the trials and tribulations that will mold them into the women they WILL be or already are but have a deferred vision of themselves. Psychologically, those deferred visions turn into insecurities and escalate into physical, mental and spiritual problems. I am here as a future overcomer of these problems, to be the light that drives your force of determination, to love you, to listen to you and to show you that you WILL progress if you take a stand today. Life is hard enough together it can be a little easier and perception changes everything! Let’s use a few different lenses and on the way let’s expand our culture whether it be fashion, music, sex, love, advice, food, dance or global news! Let’s talk about and expand our mindsets. Share your talent(s) with the world make your legacy inevitable! Let this be your one stop shop to the urban and underground world — be fabulous, GQ, whatever it is you want to be begin your metamorphosis here today. WE CAN DO WHATEVER IT IS WE WANT TO DO, JUST GET UP AND ATTAIN IT.

Prepare yourself to laugh, cry, scream, be happy and to succeed as bad as you want to breathe. I am Mahogany and I am here to bring the Mayhem.

— @mahoganymayhem