the mission. let me explain!

EMPOWERING women and girls of all hues. Goal? To pull emotions you’ve longed to feel out of you! Advice. Style. Music. Love. Sex. Food. Entertainment . . just MAYHEM!

I would love to stop what I have found to be the “E-Generated Syndrome” which is a life epidemic tool men and women have come to use during a life crisis or concern. Even I (just your average half alien-half human blogger) am guilty of going to Google, “telling it” ALL my problems, whether it be physical or not, and hitting search to find the answers. We have become so disengaged with interpersonal connections that we begin to depend totally on electronically generated search engines versus, at the very least, exchanging meaningful interactions with one another, even if it has to be online. My blog is here so if we must do it that way, lets blog about it! Let’s actually talk it out! Let’s network it out. Who said we cant find the answers to our problems or get the chance to write them out while we find out about new music, look at latest fashions, check out restaurants the foodies go to and express however we feel at the same time? Who said you had to be perfect?

Be YOURSELF and still live your life to it’s full potential, FABULOUSLY! CHECK IT OUT and empower your sister on the way!

— @queenmahogany