music is my lifeeeee.

One thing I will say now — I AM indefinitely apart of the underground music movement. SoundCloud is my best friend as well as my boyfriend, and the sad part about it is, I’m actually serious. Catch me any time posting about your latest greatest Soundcloud phenomena!


OK OK! That’s it! Top Dawg Entertainment is really killing the game right now. They really have what it takes to become the “modern day hippie” NWA. 

TDE’s first and only female artist SZA

  • (pronunciation: siz-ah? so I’m hearing
  • hometown: Maplewood, New Jersey
  • age: 23

has released her first debut 10-track album entitled ‘Suburban Lager’. For goodness sake, I listen to the album EVERYDAY! Plenty of ways I could’ve chose to listen to it, but I had no problem purchasing it via iTunes, which you can do that HERE, and I am still a happy camper! SZA collaborates with artists including Chance The Rapper (not to be mixed up with Chance from I Love New York lol), TDE’s own Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad. other than that she held it down on her own fasho!

Dope beats and sound waves, electronica rhythms and mellow soul, good vibes and positive metaphorical meaning — this one is a winner!

I’m looking forward to another future EP from SZA and the rest of TDE. TDE Chief, Kendrick Lamar, showed us how dynamic that can be — or should I say the definition of #BARS! Quote me. Here’s one of my favorites on the album featuring a personal favorite of the Mayhem‘s a.k.a Mr. Lamar himself. 🙂 



Clearly “music is my lifeeeeee”. I’m listening to this at 5 a.m. LISTEN UP! #TDE


Recording artist (@supernikenando) has released a smooth and sexy paced track entitled “Glow”.  All hail the underground! Don’t believe me? Here’s a sneak peak at the cover art, DOPE stamp fo’sho. Check out the track HERE, fire!

#EverythingSUPER #EverythingDMG (@igDMG Twitter: @DMGBrand)