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Spoken word –bad bitch

You think your ass makes you worth more

Bad bitch
I call you that because your body is your only door
To opportunities
Head emptier than a muhfukkin unused usb
Yet you have the audacity to clown brothers
Who spend more time on their degrees than the streets
Bad bitch
Who told you not to worth yourself
Who told you when youre old you aint gon be “the help”
Bad Bitch
Your vagina filled with all the niggas clips
Bad bitch
Do you not aspire to be queen
I mean something like a royalty keep them legs closed
Your gold is more than whats in between
Your legs
Gyat damn Bad bitch
You just gon get pregnant
And bring a child into your mis-educated world Damaged
Oh it’s a boy
Now because you’re a bad bitch youll have him thinking
That labels is the only way he’ll get recognized on this planet
He gonna go to school screaming
My moms a bad bitch
My moms a sad bitch
My mom don’t een know it but shes completely damaged
Cant even afford my carriage
Instead of her going to school and chasing that degree
She chased money cars and dicks
And thought a bad bitch was the way to be
Oh yea she said daddies not a street nigga he got a real job
Man listen
Im a bad bitch
Yea I lost my way
Now every generation after me is gonna have to pay
Being a bad bitch cost
And my generation to come has the funds
Well looky here my son got caught with a gun
A bad bitch produce a bad nigga
And his trigger go clap clap
But listen all you judging niggas fall back
No one taught me how to be a woman
No one told me to stay in school
And be something
A mentor.. what the fuck is that
My daddy at 12 said all im good for is laying on my back
So he taught me how to do it
All I saw was what was on tv
And bad bitches was winning
They had the niggas with the Maserati’s
Wheels spinning
So by 8 I knew what I wanted to be
A bad bitch
Since my environment raised me.


Brief BioOriginally from Ghana but born and raised in the Bronx Michelle Kusi who goes by The Kooz began  writing spoken word at the age of 18. Inspired by one of her professors at morgan state university who told her to channel her anger and frustrations about the system and community into words.Her influences are Gill Scott Heron Jill scott Raheem Devaughn Lauryn Hill Erykah Badu, The roots and Tupac.She enjoys writing poetry and says “the metaphors and words comes like an epiphany”. Stating that anything inspires from a picture to a meme to a simple word. Her poetry is geared to conscious thinking and liberating the minds of the youth.

Lost Dreams

 We live in a world where

Our generation is frowned upon because of what they think we will do.

But the man cannot hold us down with LOST DREAMS. 

It’s sad because some of us have dreams…

But these dreams turn to hopes

And these hopes turn to I don’t knows

And these I don’t knows turn to I don’t cares.


Today, you are not hot  if you’re not an entertainer,

Maybe an athlete or a model…

Anything to be in the “spotlight”

But NO

You do not see many aspiring teachers, or doctors

Maybe architects, or want to be presidents.

Everybody wants the fast life

But does not want to do the work to get there

Maybe the little girl

With the fantasy to be the psychologist

Or the young boy in the hood who wants to be the big time doctor

But as they get pressured and forced to be less than potential.

That’s where it gets to be the


Possibly the teen in a house

Single mom

Five siblings

Yeah, that’s the one

The one that aspires to be the next BLACK PRESIDENT

But not if he cannot conquer his senior year in high school

Because he’s trying to “fit in”

This is how lost dreams come into play.

Because of the people with ambition that do not put it to use

The people that are multi-talented but allow peer pressure and the weights of the world

get the BEST of them.

This is to the people that aspire to do something with their lives

The people that will not stop trying until they stop breathing

The girl with the baby at 17 that believes she cannot go to college

DO NOT be fooled by LOST DREAMS

Well, I refuse to be another statistic

refuse to let others get the best of me

refuse to let someone steal my hopes away


– @KiahImani (Instagram)/@MyNameIsKEE_Yah (Twitter)

Brief Bio: (Quoted) “My long-term goals are how I motivate myself to progress from day to day. Aside from remaining an honor student, and an active dancer, I have set goals for the time period after I advance from Undergraduate School. I plan to go on to earn my Master’s Degree and possibly my Doctorate. However, in the time directly after Undergrad, I want to work in my field of Criminal Justice, possibly inside a Prison. I think that it would be a great experience for the field. My desire is to eventually become an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). I would love to stay in the DC metropolitan area while accomplishing this goal. I plan to accomplish these goals by hard work and striving to be one of the best.” Kiah is a Junior with a major in Sociology and Minor in Criminal Justice at Morgan State University. 
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My name is Johnika and I wanted to share a poem with you.
Takes your breath away
Makes your knees weak
You have nothing to say
You forget how to speak
Your body goes numb
You say he’s the one
Let’s fast forward in time
You remember the time?
Wanted him to stay
Hit you in your face
Took your breath away
Kicks from his feet
Made your knees weak
Hits to the face
You forgot how to speak
Your body goes numb
You thought he was the one…..
After a while, you realized your worth.
Hold your head high baby
High as the trees and the skies on this thing called earth
Wipe your eyes, silence your cries
Stand up tall, like you never fell at all…


Brief Bio:  Johnika describes herself as a dedicated and hardworking woman who is also a normal girl in this crazy world, specifically from the DMV area who uses poetry as her outlet. This DMV native sees poetry as her escape and she loves to focus on topics predominately dealing with women and their progression!

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“There are moments in life that let you know you are still alive. There are
moments where you will be reminded of how amazing a rapid heart beat feels,
how hot passion is, and how cold a broken heart can be.There will be
moments in life that will remind you of the things you love. There will
also be moments that will show you beauty in you that you’ve never seen.
These moments will also remind you of your empty spots, the cracks in the
surface. These moments are the times where you’ll grow. These are the times
you’ll find out who you really are. In finding out who you are, never
forget your moments. All we really are, are moments. From the moment you
change someone’s life to the moment something changes yours.

Never be afraid to live in the moment. “


Brief Bio: @TheeUndeniable (Diamond M.) is a local blogger, Broadcast and Integrated Media major from the DMV/DC Metropolitan area by way of Morgan State University. Her mission is to uplift and inspire others as well, especially young women. Want more poetry supply? Check out her very own blog where you’ll find pieces like this and so much more @ theeundeniablesupply.com!!


Because Love is risky, Lust can be tricky.

Originally written by Mi$FiT LiFE$TYLE:

This is so exciting,

fresh air.

Moment; lusting, wanting.

Not sure where it goes…

but it knows.

Another chapter from destiny

Opening pages that were meant to be

 it feels good.

Home cooked meal- good.

feel you in fingertips.

 never ever touched.

Words are escaping trying to explain it.

Trying to combine  souls.

Your energy flows right into mine,

not sure where it goes…

But it knows.

It knows.

Wounds finally healed

Bandages no longer needed to mend.

Chances to love don’t come everyday.

So try.

And hope its you.

I hope it’s true.

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